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Make your computer mine for cash

All of us here are looking for a passive income, or some part time income which we can earn in our free time. Some of us here are students, some employees, some unemployed as well. All of us have access to internet  these days with our  Laptop/Pc or with our mobile phones.

Today , I will help you friends to make free cash without doing anything but by just letting your PC/Laptop on, downloading mobile app in your android phones.
First of all let me introduce you ,

1.       Minergate:

Minergate is a mining pool created by a group of crypto coin enthusiasts, where you can mine different coins simultaneously . The supported currencies are
a.       Zcash(ZEC)
b.      Ethereum(ETH)
c.       Bitcoin(BTC)
d.      Litecoin(LTC)
e.      Bytecoin(BCN)
f.        Monero(XMR)
g.       DigitalNote(XDN)
h.      QuazarCoin(QCN)
i.         FantomCoin(FCN)
j.        AEON coin(AEON)
k.       Dashcoin(DSH)

You can mine any selected coins from the above listed coins and ultimately exchange the mined currencies into your favorable one may be aBitcoin(BTC), US Dollar(USD).

For starting to earn with Minergate, Register here and download their application which you need to run in your PC/Laptop.


2.       Eobot

    Eobot is the easiest, cheapest and best way to get or mine Bitcoin and other popular virtual currencies online at the moment.  Apart  from that you can also mine Gold and )US Dollar(USD as well. You can use your PC or Laptop to mine any crypto currency.

Eobot also provides you  with Bitcoin Cloud Mining service. With this, you can let your computer relax. Their Cloud solution will help us to mine and hash whatever crypto currency we want to mine or is profitable. You need to buy the mining hashpower. Which starts as low as $10.


Register on Eobot here.

Download their app for your  PC and start earning Crypto Currencies.

Tip to earn with Eobot:

After you register, Sign in to your account daily. For this you will be rewarded with 1 DOGE coin. Go to the products menu and select theFaucet option. Fill in the captcha and you will get bitcoins for doing it. Collect the bitcoins and exchange it for the cloud mining service. For doing so click in the exchange menu and exchange your BTC for SHA 256 service. Now your hash power increases. Do it same every day. If you don’t want the daily hassle then you can buy its service as minimum as $10.

3.       Micro Mining

If you had ever thought about a passive income on the Internet, Micro mining app is created for you. It will work for you, not even taking your time. Today, Micro Mining service is unrivaled on the market. Right here and right now you are able to start earning without any deposits and risks.

5 easy steps to start earning

aa.)    Register yourself here on  Micro Mining
bb.)    Download the app for PC from the site
cc.)     Click on the setup file which you have downloaded from the site and install the program.
Note : Some anti- virus doesn’t let the program to download and install the app. Let your anti virus to allow it to install in your PC or laptop.
dd.)    Add bitcoin wallet in the box and run the program.
ee.)    You are ready for earning bitcoins now without any effort just let the program run.
Remember: Your income depends on processor. The more powerful processor, the higher are your earnings. 
Payment done on every Monday, once your earning reaches to 10,000 satoshis.
To check your earning visit micromining.cloud and enter your bitcoin wallet address to login.


Join Micro Mining


Computta is a first of a kind service and application created by cryptocurrency professionals to enable anyone and everyone’s computer to make digital money for their owners on autopilot.

This means that ANYONE with a computer can register, download our super-simple smart mining utility and start generating cryptocurrency on their computers – all within 3 minutes flat.

So friends to make money passively all you need is a PC or Laptop and just keep it open. You will be getting a passive income for your life.

How was the post friends, feel free to post your views on the comments section below, how helpful has it been for you to make a passive income from you PC/Laptop. Please let other users know as well it can be an inspiration. Thanks.

Happy Earning Friends

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