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Nepal the Land of Mount Everest and Gautam Buddha.


Nepal the land of Mount Everest and Gautam Buddha

Nepal is a landlocked country located in South Asia between China and India. The weather and climate varies from hot summers to severe winters. The land starts from 70m from sea level in Terai and passes through hilly region to the world's highest point- Mount Everest at 8,848 m. Nepal possesses some of the most outstanding bio-diversity in the world, ranging from sub-tropical Rain-forests to Alpine Deserts.
Nepal has always been a special place for various people in various ways. For some it is the country of brave “Gurkhas”, for some it is the birth place of Lord Buddha - the light of Asia, for some it is the place to touch the highest peaks in the world, for some it is the place to experiment with various spiritual practices, for some it is the country of temples, art, culture and only country that has living goddess "Kumari". In whatever way people love Nepal, it is one of the most exciting destinations for all who love traveling. It is probably the richest country in terms of its natural beauty, bio-diversity, cultures and traditions, art and architectures.

Nepal’s topography can be divided into three different geographic regions based on the rising elevation from the sea level. Each region has its own diverse environment, people and culture and their own special identity.

The Himalayan Region

Places to visit within this region
·         Annapurna Region
·         Everest Region                                            
·         Langtang

The Hill Region

Places to visit within this region
·         Kathmandu Valley
·         Pokhara
·         Tansen
·         Gorkha

The Terai Region

Places to visit within this region
·         Lumbini
·         Janakpur
·         Chitwan
·         Royal Bardia National Park

This is the introductory blog post to introduce Nepal as one of the best, exciting and undiscovered paradise, when it comes to Travelling. How was the post friends? More posts in regard to the best destinations to travel in Nepal will follow in my blog. Please feel free to comment and which part appealed you to visit Nepal??

Some Interesting facts I bet you didn't know about Nepal, Read here

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Know Nepal closely, some facts you didn't know about Nepal

Know Nepal Closely, Some facts you didn't know about Nepal

Nepal is the preferred ecotourism destination in the world .

Nepal has all the necessary conditions to make the best destination in the world for adventure tourism .

Nepal is one of the best places to see before you die...
Nepal - the beautiful country

•The Annapurna region is one of the top 10 trekking routes in the world.

Nepal is the only country in the world where elevation changes from 60 meters to 8848 meters above the sea level

• 8 of the 14 highest peaks in the world beyond 8000 meters are located in Nepal, including Mount Everest.

Nepal is home to 8% of total bird species found worldwide.

Nepal offers a myriad of adventure activities such as mountaineering, trekking, rafting, wildlife safaris, ballooning, paragliding, flying over mountains, bungee jumping, ultralights, etc.. ..


 Nepal holds several records worldwide :

•The highest lake on Earth Tilicho lake which is located at  4800 meters lies in Nepal.

•The deepest lake , She Phoksundo which is 145 metres high is situated at an altitude of 3600 meters.

•The deepest gorge 1200 meters is in Kaligandaki.

Arun Valley is the highest Valley on Earth.

•In Nepal, there are over 100 ethnic groups who speak over 125 different languages.

NEPAL - The country of the Tallest peak in the World Mount EVEREST.

NEPAL is the one of the Prosperous country in terms of abundant Bio - diversity and incredible terrain.

•The geographical condition varies from 8848 metres - Mountt. Everest to lowland just 70 metres above the sea level.

• "Federal Republic of NEPAL" is all time sovereign and independent country.

•Majority of Nepalese are Hindu.

Buddhists are also Noteable as Nepal is the country of birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha- "The Light of Asia".

 •Religious harmony is one of the main characteristics of Nepal.

Nepal is the safe habitat for the rare one- horned Rhinocerous.

Nepal is home of hundreds of ethnically and culturally diverse people.

Kathmandu- Capital of Nepal is rich in historic traditions.

Nepal has the densest concentration of World Heritage Sites. Kathmandu Valley alone has seven World Heritage cultural sites within a radius of 15 km

Though Nepal may be a small country, but it's a world in itself. How was the post friends?? If I missed some facts that I missed in the compilation, Please mention it in the comment box below. :)

Also see also the reasons why Nepal is developing as a natural set for Hollywood, Bollywood Movies???

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Opportunities and Challenges for Nepali Cricket team after Division 3

Nepal has once again reached for the ICC division League 2 beating Malaysia in its last game in Division 3. Nepal beat Uganda by 62 runs in the game to choose who would be crowned as the ICC Division 3 winner. Nepal has won the tournament in a successive year. With this achievement Nepal will play the Division 2 in 2015 January 15 to 27 which will be played in Namabia.

In its final match Nepal won the toss and elected to bat first in Malaysia’s Kinrara Academy. Nepal lost all wickets in 49.5 overs and presented Uganda with 224 runs target. In process of meeting the target Uganda lost its all wickets and was able to score 161 runs and lost all wickets in 44.1 overs. With this win Nepal  paid the revenge of lost which they had faced in group stage match where Nepal lost to Uganda with 20 runs.
Nepalese players celebrating their victory against Uganda in Division 3   photo courtesy: ICC

In the final match Nepali Cricket Team’s starting batsmen had played a great role in setting target of 224 runs. Nepal’s initial order batsmen Gyanendra Malla, Naresh Budayair, Sagar pun each of them contributed a half century runs to set the score. In the match Sagar Pun scored 64 runs, Naresh Budayair scored 51 runs  and Gyanendra Malla scored 56 runs. Nepal lost its last 6 wickets for 15 runs.

In the division 2 game which will be held in Namabia, 6 countries will be participating in the Tournament. Nepal along with Canada, Uganda, Netherlands, Kenya and Namabia will play for the tournament. Nepali Cricket Team and Uganda had clashed with each other  in the finals of 2013 Division 3 final where Nepal had won the match and earned the Division 3 title reaching in the Division 2 and played for the 2015 ICC one day World cup Qualifiers which was held in New Zealand. In that tournament Nepal and Uganda were the bottom teams being in the 9th and 10th spot thus falling to Division 3 again.

What are the opportunities and challenges for Nepali Cricket Team??

Opportunities for Nepali Cricket Team:

With being the Division 3 holders and reaching for the Division 2, Nepal will get the opportunity to play for the Inter-continental cup if they will be able to secure the top 2 spot in the Division 2 tournament. Similarly, Nepal will also be able to participate in 50 overs Non-test playing ICC world Cricket league championship. ICC will provide an opportunity for the ICC inter- continental cup winner to qualify for the test matches.

Challenges of Nepali Cricket team:

Success is not permanent. To achieve a success may be easy but most hard part of it is to retain or maintain it. Same is the case with the Nepali Cricket Team. Has Nepal the proper infrastructure to play the games, what about the technical equipment for the training? How much exposure are they getting in the International Arena? Have they got enough opportunity to play domestic games? What about the financial Aid they are getting? Can they keep up their performance as a professional.
These are the factors that will haunt Nepali Cricket Team’s success. The governing body of Cricket of Nepal – Cricket Association ofNepal(CAN) along with the government of Nepal must formulate enough policy and start addressing these challenges to maintain the success and achieve the targeted opportunities in future.

What should Nepali Cricket team do to gain the ODI(One Day International) status in Cricket and create professionalism in cricket?? Have your say in the comments below friends.

Thank you..

Sunday, October 12, 2014

NTC vs Ncell on data comparison, which is best to use??

Overall look of data plans of Ncell and NTC

A lot of people have access to internet facilities these days in Nepal. You can see a lot of people busy surfing internet in their mobile phones, Tablet, Laptop or Desktops. The internet service is made available to the users through different medium like from cable, wireless, USB dongles, ADSL or Broadband services
Of the mentioned services above most of the services quality is low. As I had read somewhere a interesting fact that, more than 60% of internet  users in Nepal surf below the speed of 256kbps. The maximum speed of the ISPs are increasing and you could surf internet in 4 Mbps which is relatively fast speed compared to those of others. In these services you are provided with two plans one is a unlimited data plan where you will have to buy the needed devices or cable wires to connect the joining point to your home. In this plan you will have to pay a fixed amount every month or fixed interval thus enjoying the unlimited usage of data in your laptop, mobile or other devices.

But, in this post I will be analyzing the volume based data service provided by the Mobile Network operators in Nepal. The Mobile company provides you with an easy option to surf internet in your mobile with the help of a sim card. Those who surf internet in unlimited plan have advantage in the data consumptions but the frequent disconnection and slow speed of data flow are the limitations still prevalent in that service.

In Nepal , Ncell and Nepal Telecom(NTC) are the big Mobile operators in the country who shares almost 95% of the mobile users. There is a tough competition between them in attracting new users and Data Plan is the main ground to battle for increasing in users and Revenue.

NTC vs Ncell

NTC vs Ncell - data comparison
Ncell has less products to cNTC(Nepal telecom) . Ncell provides data service with its 3G service and through a data sim from the USB dongle. GPRS/EDGE/WAP is the main service provided by the company to compete in the Data service. On the other hand, NTC has a broad and diverse option of services to its service users. It provide internet services from its Land line service through ADSL service. In mobile data service it facilitates its users with 2G, 3G and CDMA services throughout the country. Along with it, it is also a leading company in wireless broadband internet service with its WiMAX and hotspots services.

Comparison of data plans of NTC and Ncell :

NTC data packages

1.       Data package in sky pro, sky phone and sky data  – > 1 GB = Rs. 385
2.       WiMAX (Wireless broadband internet services)      - > 5 GB = Rs. 650
3.       Prepaid/postpaid (2G, 3G) service (Rs. 0.10/100KB)  - > 1 GB = RS. 1024
All the above prices are VAT excluded.

In, NTC’s data plan WiMAX package looks to be cheaper because for enjoying the package,  you have to buy a separate device which ranges from Rs. 2,876 to Rs. 16,911 which is of course is a one time investment depending on the kind of receptor you need based on your location.

P.S The higher your loacation the better reception you get in this device

Ncell Data packages.
The normal rate for using Ncell’s prepaid data package is Rs.6/MB if you are surfing without plans which means -  it's going to cost you Rs. 6,144  for 1 GB exclusive of VAT
Similarly, Ncell provides another package with a plan which is Rs. 699 for 1 GB exclusive of VAT as well , which is comparatively cheap.

So, while comparing the data plans of Ncell and NTC, we can find that NTC provides some cheap data plans with various options in its service but has no any data plans in its prepaid and postpaid services which a lot of people use that service (because of not having any plans users are forced to subscrive the Rs. 0.01/100kb package ) which is very expensive.

Similarly, the data plan of Ncell is also a bit cheap but not in the budget of most of the users but almost all of the users suffer from its data plan as people surf internet from their mobile phones without a plan and it costs you more than 6 thousand for just 1 GB of data i.e Rs. 6/MB

Which Company's data plan do you use?? Share with us your experience, how reasonable are the prices of these services. Please mention it in the comment box below. 

Thank you

Amir khan - Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, visits birth place of Gautam Buddha in Nepal

Amir Khan appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in south Asia

Amir Khan - Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia 
The Bollywood sensation and superstarAmir khan made a short visit to Nepal. And his visit to Nepal was made possible after he was nominated as the Goodwill ambassador of UNICEF to south Asian regions to fight against Malnutrition. On his two day visit to Nepal, Amir khan participated in a program UNICEF had launched and interacted with local women volunteers who had played effective role in awareness against Malnutrition.

On a program held in Hotel Yak and Yeti, Amir Khan along with Paras Khadka – the captain of Nepali Cricket team inaugurated the “ The Golden Thousand Days” campaign for the end of Malnutrition where Amir is the Goodwill Ambasador for South Asia and Paras Khadka, the Goodwill Ambasador to Nepal
What message the campaign want to convey or make aware of is that “ From the day of birth of child till 1000 days after his birth, the child should be breast fed as it is proved that Mother’s milk is the best nutrition that a child can intake. So, it’s the duty of each and every mother to breast feed her child for first three years.

To spread this message all around the South Asian nations where a lot of people are under malnutrition UNICEF nominated Amir Khan to play his impressive and influence the people residing here. On that ceremony, he expressed his determination to aware and fight against malnutrition to all 8 SAARC nations.

Amir Khan visits Lumbini, Nepal - the birth place of Gautam Buddha

On his special tour to Nepal for a program organized by UNICEF to fight against malnutrition in Nepal and South Asian countries. The program was organized in Kapilvastu district of Nepal – the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha. On his way back to Bhairawa airport in return to capital Kathmandu, Amir khan made a short visit to Lumbini which is enlisted in the UNESCO’s world cultural heritage site. At Lumbini he observed the Mayadevi Mandir and the “Marker stone(a pillar stone to mark the birth place of Gautam Buddha). Similarly, Amir Khan also made a query on the Ashoka Pillar erected in Lumbini by the Famous emperor of India King Ashok.

After his visit he mentioned , “ I was delighted to make a remarkable visit in the peaceful site of Gautam Budhha’s birth place and I feel proud of the opportunity”. On his departure from Lumbini, he was given a statue of Gautam Buddha as a token of love.

Similarly, Amir Khan also made a visit with the honorable Prime Minister of Nepal. Prime Minister – Suhil Koirala thanked Amir for his visit and his cause along with a suggestion to visit Pokhara the beautiful and Tourism city of Nepal. Amir expressed his gratitude and said that he would love to visit this beautiful country with his family in near future.

Amir Khan is the most influencial person in India leading the people to develop their standard of life along with awareness programme and participative approach show "Satyameva Jayete" which will be being telecast on Star plus. Let's see if Amir returns back to Nepal as he as mentioned earlier.

How was the post friends?? How effective will it be for Nepal to promote itself as a well being nation with such visits, Please leave your comments below.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nepal developing as natural sets for movie makers

In recent days Nepal has been the spot for shooting Hollywood Movies, documentary, TVCs. Nepal has been the tourism destination loved by a lot of people for a long time. But these days it has been able to attract a lot of artists to capture its beauty in various visual forms.

The Nepalese government has been able to make a decent collection of amount from the fee received by granting the permission to grant to shoot in different parts of the country. The natural beauty captivates the eyes of lots of people and many movie makers feel themselves lucky to expose such beauty through their work. Normally 15,000 Nepalese Rupees is charged for getting the permission to shoot in different spots but  additional 5 thousand dollar must be paid if the permission is asked to shoot in upper dolpa and mustang area.

Movies shot in Nepal

From the movie Everest to the famous Motor Company Volkswagen have choosen  to shot here in Nepal. Recent days you will see the TVC of the famous Motor Company Volkswagen screened in televisions which was shot in Nepalese Tourist destinations in simple and adoring way. The TVC was shot in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur signifying the cultural diversity and historical importance as well. The TVC is in Chinese language with a length of 51 seconds which you can watch below.

upper mustang of Nepal
Similarly, Hollywood movie Everest was shot around the areas of the world’s highest peak Mount Everest with 8848 m being the roof of the world lies in Nepal. Similarly “Ya badhu Subramaniyam “ – a Telegu film and Hebrew language movie was shot here too.

  With respect to the number of movies being shot here, the income generated by the collection of fee while granting the permission to shot the movies and also the spending the crew will make here will have positive effect in the GDP of Nepal. The message that will be carried to the world will help in generating more tourists and promote more economic activities as well. Nepal can also be promoted as a beautiful sets for shooting movies. Also what the government of Nepal should do is build infrastructures for easy accessibility of the destinations. The fees received as for granting the permission to shoot movies must be reasonable and spent wisely in promoting such destinations in International arena which will attract more movie makers. This will also help in promoting tourism related activities booming tourism industry.

The places where the Movies are shot are Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Chitwan, Pokhara, Everest area, Dolpa, Manang, Mustang, Lukla, Baglung, Beni etc. where different movies with different languages such as English, Hindi, German, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Swedish, Indonesian, Hebrew, Telegu and many more are shot.

Nepal possess a huge potential to exploit its resources targeting the film industry of neighboring countries India and China who are tired of their homeland and exploring shooting locations abroad, which ultimately will increase tourists to Nepal. Before a chinese movie up in the wind” was shot here and watching this movie Chinese wants to visit the place to see if it is the same as illustrated in the movie.

                         Everest Movie trailer

Before Eric Valley had made a movie named “Caravan” which had been able to nominate itself in the prestigious Oscar awards which had benefited for the brand Nepal internationally. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachhan Starer movie “khud gawa” to the Hollywood movies “Little Buddha”, “The Golden child”, “The winning horse”, “Red corner” etc movies have been promoting Nepal with its scenes featuring the attractive destinations.

So, though we may lack in other economic activities. We can promote tourism to carry up and boost our economy not always relying the assistance of other countries.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The hisotry of Nepali cricket Team doesn't go far but have been able to set many international records in cricket, what are they check it out.

Cricket is a sport which captivates a lot of people. Since its establishment in England it has been played in lot of countries today. The then British introduced the game in its colonies and the game gained popularity all over the world.
Nepali Cricket Team 

                With its popularity, the governing body of cricket worldwide ICC(International Cricket Council) governs and regulates the game. It has its member countries and it organizes different formats of games annually. The test series, One day international 50 overs game and the short format T20 games.

Nepal also joined ICC as an affiliate member in 1988 and became an Associate member of the International Cricket council in 1996 where the Nepali Cricket Team got chance to experience International game in the ACC Trophy which was held in Kualampur, Malasiya.

During this short period of time Nepal cricket Team got an opportunity to play in different games held by ICC and recently the cricket Governing body International CricketCouncil provided Nepal with a T20 status. Where Nepal will be able to participate in different T20 games held in different places.

Within short period of time the pride of Nepal have set some records in the cricket, which I am presenting for you friends for your General Knowledge.

•             Nepal bowled out Myanmar for just 10 off 12.1 overs in 2006 ACC Trophy and chased the target of 11 in just 0.2 overs. The score of 10 was the lowest in any level of men's international cricket. Nepal set two records of bowling out the opponent for minimum.number of runs and chasing the target in minimum overs, both in the same match.

•             Nepal's highest One Day score: 397/8 (50.0 ov) against Bhutan, 2003 ACC Emerging Nations Tournament.

•             Nepal's highest Twenty20 score: 210/5 (20.0 ov) against Singapore, 2013 ACC Twenty20 Cup.

•             Highest individual One Day score: 115 off 142 balls by Subash Khakurel against United States, 2012 ICC World Cricket League Division Four.

•             Highest individual Twenty20 score: 88 off 41 balls by Mehboob Alam against Saudi Arabia, 2011 ACC Twenty20 Cup.

•             Best One Day innings bowling: 10/12 (7.5 ov) by Mehboob Alam against Mozambique, 2008 ICC World Cricket League Division Five. He became the first bowler to take all 10 wickets in an ICC international cricket match with limited overs and set the record in Guinness World Records. The accomplishment has only happened professionally in two other instances, both in Test cricket with unlimited overs.

•             Best Twenty20 innings bowling: 4/11 (3.0 ov) by Dipendra Chaudhary against Kuwait, 2009 ACC Twenty20 Cup.

•             Best economy rate in an innings: 0.20 (Bowling spell: 10–8–2–3) by Shakti Gauchan against Malaysia, 2012 ICC World Cricket League Division Four. The figure of 10–8–2–3 is the most economical bowling spell record in the history of international cricket match with limited overs.

•             Nepal managed to set a unique world record by not delivering any wide ball and no ball throughout the tournament in 2014 ICC World Twenty20.

Nepalese Cricket Team Carry a huge potential in uplifting the cricket in Nepal along with some challenges such as lack of financial support, lack of professionalism, no proper infrastructures etc. if provided with proper infrastructure and some international level tournaments with International exposure to other teams. Nepalse cricket have a bright future ahead.

How was the post friends?, was it informative? please comment on the comment box below and let me know. your comments are welcomed.

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You wake up one day and know facebook no longer exists

Have you ever imagined ??, Someday you wake up and you don’t find the Social Networking site you usually socialize in. All your friends are gone, your contacts are gone, the informations you are receiving through different sites of your interests will be no longer available to you. Have you ever wondered about it?
Facebook Down

Today, Facebook got down for almost 20 minutes. And the consequences were felt by every persons directly or indirectly. Facebook is the most popular social networking site where people love to socialize among themselves. People rarely socialize among themselves the way they used to before. After they find some spare time for themselves, they are found busy in their mobile phones, Laptops or other medium of gadgets which provide them opportunity to access them to internet.

The incident that occurred today describes the impact of social networking sites in our day to day life. The issue of privacy is raised time and again in connection with social networking sites but one can hardly imagine a life without it. Technology and science influence our every activities and we are dependent to it, which proves the popularity of such technology assets. But, we should have some backup for ourselves as well. If it is not that way, I should lead my way or life this way. Nobody can deny the significance of such important gadgets and technology but from our side we can limit ourselves and prepare ourselves for the consequences.

The benefits we are receiving from such social networking medium are uncountable as our life are attached to it. Though the vanishing of social media might be a hypothetical question, but the incident with today’s facebook incident might have created some wakeup call for you to reduce your social networking activities. As we all know, we are not able to break our connections with social media totally but it also have made us aware of our social activities in our society. Along with our social networking activities online, we also have to socialize in our real life.

When facebook went down for sometime, twitter witnessed huge amount of traffic, Which also created some awareness to twitter as well. If it has to stand out to carry out the responsibility to suit itself in the place of its rival, will it be able to do so. As facebook went down everybody shifted to its rival platform to express their dissatisfaction, amusement and satire as well.

What if Facebook vanishes one day? Though it might be a hypothetical question for everybody, but we will all have impact of it in our life. So, are you prepared to lessen the impact of Facebook’s disappearance in your life?? 

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