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Experience the Mountain Flights in Nepal




Everest Mountain Flight in Nepal is one of the world's most exclusive trip of a life time experience. Mountain flight to Everest take you deep into the Himalayas flying into the valleys close to the rock face as close as five nautical miles from the Everest itself. You can see the stunning and majestic beauty of nature in an hour mountain flight in Nepal.Mountain flight is a much easier way to see the Nepali Himalayan peaks. Most flights are in mornings and operate at all times except in the monsoon seasons of June, July & August. Air planes fly along the Himalayan range and also beyond for passengers to get a good view of the Himalayan range. All the domestic airlines of Nepal offer various forms of mountain flights.
The flight takes you within camera range of some of the highest peaks in the world, and cruising this close to the awe-inspiring massifs of rock and ice is an out-of-this world experience.

The magic of mountain flight Nepal operated by Buddha Air, Yeti Air and Simrik Air are the highly efficient aircraft fitted with hi-tech avionics employing cutting edge technology. Its pressurized and air-conditioned cabin allows the aircraft to cruise at high altitudes. All the mountain flight aircraft are flown by the best pilots in Nepal.

The mountain flight-seeing trip is a close encounter to the Himalayas. A trip to Nepal would be incomplete without a truly understanding what makes mountain flight really beautiful. Nothing compares to the sheer beauty of the mountains.

The Everest Mountain flight starts at 6:00 AM in the morning everyday and takes you just 20 miles away from Mt. Everest from your window witnessing the magic Himalayan peaks, lakes and glaciers. The 50 to 1 hour flight with all the guaranteed window seat. The Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Simrik Air, Nepal airlines, Saurya Airlines operate mountain flights in Nepal, carried out by the 19 seater Beech 1900D aircraft, 24 seater ATR 42-300 aircraft and 36 seater 72-500 ATR aircraft.

An hour mountain flight take off from Kathmandu's domestic airport terminal. It takes 15 to 20 minutes drive by private car from your hotel. You will be flying an hour in the air on different ranges of mountain enjoying the great view of landscapes and the Himalayas. Then it lands again at Kathmandu's domestic terminal and get drive back to our hotel.

                                                                                           Video Courtesy : Yeti Airlines

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